Business Laptops vs Consumer Laptops

We constantly get queries from customers about laptop recommendations for their business. We always recommend buying business laptops. Many of our customers wonder why they should buy a business laptop as it’s expensive compared to consumer laptops.

Below mentioned are some key differences between business and consumer


Business-class laptops are built to have a longer lifespan and to be able to sustain more for daily use than consumer laptops. Business laptops are made with a reinforced structure and with stronger materials, compared to plastic or aluminum materials used to build a consumer-class laptop frame. Be Conditioned on business laptops are enhanced for durability, and the infrastructure is built for shock absorption as well as drop and spill safekeeping. In comparison, consumer laptops typically have standard Conditioned and standard frameworks. While consumer laptops normally come equipped with a standard keyboard, business-class laptops may offer an airtight keyboard— which is outlined to defend the data on the system in the event of a reveal directly onto the keyboard. Business laptops also have a longer model refresh cycle—roughly 12 to 18 months—versus consumer laptop’s six to eight-month refresh cycle. This makes it easier for IT professionals to manage the units at their company and add to their fleets of laptops in the future, particularly if they plan to add headcount over time.


The high-geared processors of business laptops can help to rise productivity with better video playback and responsive software, whereas some consumer laptops could lag when meeting the demands of busy SMB end-users. Manufacturers limit the amount of so-called junkware—games, free trials, demos, and so on—for business laptops, but consumer laptops normally come worried with these add-ons. This frees up storage and takes away a lot of the problem of distracting pop-ups and unnecessary software. Organizations that buy business laptops in bulk can also state exactly what kind of software they want or even have their image pre-loaded. Business laptops also come with more options for operating systems. You’ll always find you have the right to lower from one version of software to another if you wish, and you can contrive more of the software to your individual organization’s needs.

Battery Life

Business laptops almost always provide longer battery life, which can also vary depending on how many cells you invest in. Some business laptops provide two or three different battery options, such as 4-, 6- and 9-cells. Consumer laptops, on the other hand, tend to have shorter battery life.

A business laptop is also more likely to have a matching docking station or port replicator, allowing employees to set up and work more productively both at the office and at home.


Business laptops also contribute to providing easier connectivity for presentations, since they have ports to connect to office projectors via RGB/ VGA or HDMI cable, whereas many consumer laptops do not. They may also offer Intel® WiDi or Wireless Display technology, which offers the capacity to connect and present to displays without plugging in. Wireless connectivity is demanding for business users no matter their location, so business-class laptops also typically have better wireless connectivity to ensure they work not only at the user’s desk but in conference rooms, at meetings, and while on the road. Features like dual-band wireless can help guarantee better performance at further distances and fewer dropped connections.

Security and Support Business laptops come equipped with an array of additional security options, from biometric hardware such as fingerprint readers to processor technology that permits full disk encryption and the capacity to remotely and securely manage PCs and delete sensitive files. Consumer laptops build up features like facial recognition software, but not always fingerprint readers, and don’t have as many hardware-strength security choices in place to avoid potential cyber thieves or breaches.

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